SigmaWeb – Who we are

SigmaWeb OfficesSigmaWeb was created in 2005 by a team of IT experts with a long experience in web hosting and server administration. Their love and devotion to the company soon paid of by driving Sigmaweb to the top of the web industry in Greece and also gaining respect from customers from all over Europe. Sigmaweb today is an important business partner to advanced data centers like EvoSwitch in Holland, providing state of the art shared hosting or dedicated hosting services.

Since 2005 Sigmaweb has successfully hosted thousands of web sites, providing solutions where the competition failed to do so.

The people at SigmaWeb combine the experience and know-how with liveliness, enthusiasm and vision, providing motivating force to offspring the company to the conquest of its objectives.

Our people are continuously trained both in seminars and presentations, in Greece and abroad. The continuous investments in the fields of training and education meet the highest standards required by today’s exigent market of information technology. Sigmaweb will always be close to the end customer providing finest quality web solutions to each and every need.

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